Introducing the worldwide social media sensation, Jimmy the Bull, now available for licensing. Featuring the beloved bull terrier, Jimmy Choo, appropriately named after the footwear designer with whom he has done marketing collaborations and product.

When Rafael Mantesso’s­­ wife left him, she took everything except their beloved bull terrier, whom she’d named after her favorite shoe designer: Jimmy Choo. With only Jimmy for company, Rafael found inspiration in his best friend, blank walls and a magic marker.

Jimmy the Bull photography, combined with whimsical hand drawn elements, have captured the world’s attention. The Instagram feed became an immediate worldwide sensation followed by his book entitled “A Dog Named Jimmy” featuring a collection of tongue-in-cheek imagery.

Jimmy the Bull licensing includes hundreds of charming and cheeky images chronicling the owner and dog’s relationship, combining photography and free hand illustrations.

As heartwarming as it is hilarious, Jimmy the Bull continues to delight animal lovers everywhere.

  • Books: “A Dog Named Jimmy”

(Penguin Random House).

  • Awards: The Webby Award, and W3

Advertising: Jimmy Choo, Pedigree

Pet food, Sony, Sprite, Pfizer, and

Porsche all feature Jimmy in their promotions.

  • Museum Exhibitions: The Tate Modern

and Paris Museum

  • Press: The Times Today, Huffington Post,

USA Today, Crains Business and others.