TVBOY, pseudonym of Salvatore Benintende, was born in Palermo on 16 July 1980 and studied as a designer at the Faculty of Industrial Design of the Polytechnic, then attended the Faculty of Fine Arts in Bilbao. He moved to Barcelona where he worked as a graphic designer for a skateboard magazine. TVBOY become famous across the world when he made his mark in the centre of Barcelona with a mural showing a passionate kiss between Messi and Ronaldo.

Since then, TVBOY has exhibited in many museums, galleries and on streets around the world, becoming one of the most recognisable and celebrated urban artists.

TVBOY perfectly embodies our contemporary society, breaking down the boundaries between disciplines and pushing us to abandon a barren view of the world divided up into categories, both in terms of the techniques or tools he uses and the content he deals with, speaking to us of racism, discrimination, the environment, the climate, film, sport, religion, violence, sex, death, immigration, love, friendship, power, heroes and art. His strength is his continuous, exaggerated, all-encompassing production. TVBOY seeks to become an encyclopaedia of images of contemporary society.