The MOOMIN brand is rooted in the storytelling and art created by artist, illustrator, and

writer Tove Jansson. The Moomins are literary figures in a series of books and comic

strips illustrated by the author herself. The books about the brave, adventurous, yet

home-loving Moomins have been translated into nearly 60 languages and are still in

print all over the world. The Moomins are one of Finland’s biggest exports and have a

global fan base, delighting readers with wisdom and humour.

Moominvalley is a place of tolerance, where everyone is welcome, and family is a

flexible concept. The Moomin family simply adds a bed if a new acquaintance wants to

move into the Moominhouse.

First published in Finland during the Second World War and firmly rooted in Nordic

storytelling, the Moomin stories reflect the values central to Jansson: friendship, adventure and

respect for nature. MOOMIN is today a truly international brand with a global appeal. The

more than 800 MOOMIN licensees range from global stock-listed companies to startups

and publishing houses and cultural institutions.

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