Hook Up is a new concept in licensing but a very old and traditional concept in lifestyle. All following today’s trend of handcraft and traditional values, even environment and recycling comes into the selling points here. We feel this license can apply to many age groups, ladies and teenagers that are following the latest trends in fashion and what is seen in the boutique windows these days.

Hook Up brings traditional craft to the modern day consumer. The contrast between contemporary commercial products and Hook Up’s style and look is highly commercial.


One of the main trends in the high street fashion boutiques today.

Very colourful and decorative for younger girls even when their mums are taking care of the purchasing.

Excellent quality of the material with perfect resolution to the last detail. Two ways of applying to a product range: the lifestyle photos that transmit warmth and cosiness or the cut-outs that go in to the smallest detail of the actual piece.

The touchy feely look of the Hook Up licensed products is very attractive and eye catching. Research shows that young women and girls of today are drawn to traditional pass times and become highly addicted. Knitting, crochet, patchwork and craft make use of reusable materials and is in line with today’s recycling and non waste trends.