Prima Maria is a brand for expressing one’s unique individuality.

Brand is based on the artworks of Ukrainian artist Maria Prymachenko – an outstanding personality whose name is inscribed in the history of art along with the names of art naïve artists – Henri Rousseau and Niko Pirosmani. Maria Prymachenko had her own unique style of painting that attracted the attention of the world: she had personal exhibitions in Paris, Montreal, Prague, Sofia and other cities.

Over the years of her life (1909 – 1997) Maria Prymachenko created more than 900 unique paintings, a large number of sculptures and embroideries. All those works express energy of life, power of nature and are filled with love to all the living creatures.

The new century has brought new wave of interest to this brilliant artist and embodies fantastic images of her paintings into fashion, entertainment and lifestyle design as Prima Maria art brand.

Plentiful visual environment and cultural archetypes of the brand both communicate personal values and emotions.

Prima Maria visual attributes embody fundamental human values:

  • Self-expression and Creativity
  • Peace and Kindness
  • Life Force / Energy of the Land

Original art-objects and harmony of vibrant colors has made Prima Maria brand very popular in fashion and entertainment. Brand’s characters are used in fashion collections of leading Ukrainian designers – AnnaK, Karavanska, Proskurovskaya and TV shows (The Voice Kids Ukraine,  Junior Eurovision stage decoration, promo and sub-logo), inspired Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Kyiv promo campaign and stage decoration.