Introducing Nina J, the world’s greatest chef.

With her trusty sidekick Chef Sue, they run “Pinch & Dash”, a restaurant famous for serving the most authentic, delicious food from every corner of the globe.

However, Chef Nina J harbours a dark secret. After the restaurant closes its doors, she turns her chef’s whites inside out to reveal her ninja outfit and becomes the most feared recipe thief, that makes even the grumpiest chef taste only fear.

It’s time to sample the most fantastic and delicious adventures that see them travelling all over the world.

The recipe thief is the first brand to focus on the biggest trend in fresh, beautiful ingredients to inspire children and adults alike.

The brand can be used with or without the central characters to create products which are truly flexible for different markets.

The recipe thief brand follows the adventures of Chef Nina J and Chef Sue who travel around the world stealing recipes. As the adventures grow so does the brand and the exciting range of ingredients.

From the spiciness of Mexican chillies to the paddy fields of Vietnam, from the chic patisseries of Paris, to the Spanish fragrant paella, there is something for every taste and every market.

and this is just the beginning….

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