At ViSSEVASSE we design visual stories. With no beginning or ending. It is up to you to imbue our images with thoughts, feelings and memories. Perhaps you are reminded of long summers and happy childhood dreams, or maybe you see your present and your future. 

Pastels and poetry
ViSSEVASSE is a Copenhagen-based design and paper studio with a passion for graphic products. Products you can flip through, look at, write on. The brand is the creation of Dorthe Mathiesen and Karsten Noel Poulsen, who for the past 20 years have worked at the intersection of fashion, stage design and graphic design.

We have a soft spot for iconic buildings, places and objects, but we also find inspiration in anything from a song to a feeling. Our style is Nordic and minimalist with a touch of delicate pastels, poetry, nostalgia and food for thought.

At a time when we are all constantly interrupted by emails, text messages, notifications and status updates, we offer an offline breathing space to pause, reflect and dream.

What does ViSSEVASSE mean?
So, what does ’vissevasse’ actually mean? It is Danish for ’fiddlesticks’, which the dictionary defines as nonsense, poppycock, balderdash. We lean more towards the use of ’vissevasse’ as a verbal shrug intended to say ‘don’t worry – it’ll all work out’. Because it always does.

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