Worldwide rights

Anne Stokes Collection is the No 1 licensed fantasy artist of today.

A solid, long-term brand with over 70 esteemed licensee partners, many of whom have enjoyed success for over 15 years.

The brand boasts worldwide merchandise sales in over 50 countries in mainstream, independent and online retailers as well as a massive following of loyal fans.

The Anne Stokes Collection covers a broad range of Fantasy subjects including Dragons, Enchanted Forests, Gothic themes and Unicorns, from the famous artist Anne Stokes.

Anne Stokes has a large social media following with nearly 400K organic Facebook followers. Posts online include insights into Anne’s work, event appearances, live streams, video content and showcasing of products featuring her art. Plus contests to win featured products which generate a huge response and increase sales. Some social media posts reach as many as 2.5 million people.

Fans are bikers, gamers, tattoo fans, Goths and general fantasy fans, male/female 15 – 55 years.

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